Jay Belson Luxury Real Estate – Keeping Your Sterling Track Record

Handling your individual or company luxury brand name, that is, taking care of how you are regarded by your target audience with time, is mission vital. You could absolutely boost your video game as a luxury real estate advertising expert by researching just how the marketplace leaders in high-end consumer brand names manage or mishandle their brand names. The Art of Shaving is one luxury brand name that has just recently made a significant branding error, in our viewpoint, and has tainted their otherwise sterling credibility. Gillette is without a doubt the marketplace leader in this group. Their most expensive, top of the line version, the Fusion, have five blades in a solitary cartridge and assure the best feasible cut. Top of the Gillette line of non reusable razors will never constitute a luxury brand name since Gillette is not perceived as a high-end brand name.buy luxury real estate

The Lexus is regarded as a luxury brand name on the same level with Mercedes Benz and BMW psychological of lots of consumers. They did not call their top of the line car the Toyota Lexus. Instead they produced a separate brand name for this fairly pricey luxury automobile. Just recently, we were walking through Century City Shopping Center in Los Angeles. There we found a store called the Art of Cutting. The Art of Cutting items are the most effective selling Guys’s brand name in high end department stores. It is clearly a high-end brand name based upon its considerable product consisting of a sterling silver razor and shaving soap brush that sell for hundreds of dollars. We were surprised to see a significant photo of the Gillette Fusion in their store home window. Later in Nordstrom’s, here in Santa Barbara, we noticed that a brand-new plan of the Art of Shaving products had a Blend razor right on the outside of package.

You might not see the various other items in the box. This totally reduced the Art of Shaving to the degree of a non-exclusive brand name. You can acquire the Blend along with the whole Gillette line of cheaper razors in any discount medication shop. With some research we found that Proctor and Wager purchased both Gillette and The Art of Cutting. The intent was clearly to make use of The Art of Shaving to create an assumption of class for the razor. Instead, The Art of Shaving was provided reduced to having lower ranks in the minds of its target market by Jay Belson. Handling your individual or firm brand name is mostly regarding managing perception in the world of high-end real estate marketing. If you also want to offer homes in the reduced rate variety you might intend to think about developing a different sub-brand to make sure that you do not confuse your target market in both groups.